Young Tourism work group
Erklärung des Model European Youth Parliament: Wie kann die Fehmarnbelt-Region für junge Urlaubsgäste attraktiver werden?

On behalf of the Model European Parliament Baltic Sea Region and the Youth
Parliament, I would like to thank the organizers of the Femarn Belt Days
Conference for this opportunity to contribute to the important question of how
we attract young tourists to the Femarn Belt Region.

In the Youth Committee we have been working tirelessly on finding common ground that promotes and binds the Fehmarn Belt Region together and the result of our work is a statement in which our ideas and proposals are outlined.

I will now read aloud the finished statement:

In order to promote the Fehmarnbelt region from a cultural and environmental perspective to young people, we encourage the organisation of programs for students, undergrads and young people taking a sabbatical. The programs should focus on sustainable working opportunities for young people, nature-preserving volunteer work and self-organised backpacking.

In this spirit we also suggest summer workshops, with a focus on sustainability, for a number of weeks. These workshops would focus on the education of climate problems and the climate debate, and would interest young people in Europe due to the Fehmarnbelt being a pioneering region on the subject of sustainability.

Furthermore we propose the idea of a Fehmarn Festival, which would combine music, sports and food in order to attract and bring together a broad spectrum of young people. The festival would change place annually, featuring varying combinations of three cultural components from the three different parts of the Fehmarnbelt region annually. The festival would last up to a month and would take place during the summer; bringing people of the Fehmarnbelt region together.

To make the Fehmarnbelt region an attractive travel destination for young adults we need to create awareness of the region, and make it an affordable visit. For this we have prepared three additional proposals.

Proposal number one is to create a local travel ticket within the Fehrmanbelt region that is similar to the Eurorail concept. By doing this, we make the region accessible for the youth, who often have limited traveling funds. Furthermore, this will promote and increase tourism in the more rural areas of the Fehmarnbelt region.

Our second proposal is to establish a website along with an app that will work as a social network. This website will make the area more accessible to the young travelers, and present the possibilities in a way that the generation is familiar with. This should be a place where you can leave reviews and comments on local businesses and activities, and post personal announcements about current activities and possibilities.

Thirdly we propose a campaign that raises awareness about the area. This campaign should include

- Videos that will tell the Fehmarnbelt story

- Promoting the area as a travel destination through already existing travel agencies

- Online presence, for example on facebook, youtube etc.

- Informing students at their schools about the different Fehmarnbelt options, such as volunteering at camps, etc.


Participants: Lawand Namo (moderator), Mathies Duch Gronemann, Lucas Sewerin, Ulrikke Moestrup, Emma Ihlemann, Pietro Nicki, Jens Jacob Abel Nordqvist, Simon Käll